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Kids Counseling offers an array of services that work best together for full service care

Young Family

Individual and Family Therapy

The purpose of therapy is to help treat personal challenges and learn how to best live with or overcome problems that may affect a person's life.

Kids Counseling specializes in trauma, attachment issues, parent-child relational issues, ADHD/ADD, depression, anger management, anxiety and stress.

Drawing Time

Comprehensive Community Support Services (CCSS)

CCSS helps to stabilize your child's behavioral issues utilizing coping skills to help to increase better family relationships and decrease school and/or family problems. Services are conducted in the home, school and community.

Child at Psychologist

Children's Psychiatric Services

Lots of children have problems that affect how they think, feel, behave and learn. Our child psychiatrist can prescribe and manage medications that correct imbalances in brain chemicals that may be affecting how a child feels and behaves.

Support Group

Peer Support Services

Peer Support Services are peer-to-peer support to help individuals develop and enhance wellness and health lifestyles.

Happy Family

Family Support Services

Case management service that will ensure your family has all of their needs met including housing, food, educational, medical, mental health, dental and vision. In addition to supporting the tangible needs of your children, we support you with life skills education as well as positive parenting education and strategies.

Our Services: Our Services
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